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weird stories in medical care

November 16th, three pm

So an odd thing happened on my shift today, and I'm really not sure how to take it. I was walking to the post-surgery ward to check up on a patient, and was stopped by this..person? They were definitely humanoid, but I got a weird vibe off of them, and it made me uncomfortable. He only asked where the GP waiting room was, so I didn't fully think about it until now. I have a small drawing of what they looked like purely because I couldn't get the thought out of my head.

what to do next as an angel, outside of the human life

November 17th, four thirty one am

Being an angel obviously has its benefits, but we've not really thought about what to do with it. Edith and I have different "abilities" so to speak, and it's just trying to find out how we can use them in the best way we can. i have some kinda healing property like I mentioned before, but I really don't know how it works, so I'd like to eventually know what I'm doing. Edith belives hers is related to communications in some way, but also has no idea what's going on with it. I think using these powers where we can will help a lot of people, and deciding if it's the right thing to do will bring challenges, but as long as we're helping people, life as an angel won't be so dreary.

Another angel in the hospital?

November 20th, six fifty three pm

Uhm, I'm really shaken up with excitement (i think) right now because I believe I've just seen another angel in the hospital. I thought something was in my eye at first but no, I could tell that they were one of us, I caught the shadow of their wings and I had to write this and email Edith about it. I'm not sure how I'll get them to come here but I hope they see this. I'll keep this place updated.