my name is edith and i am an angel living on earth. this is my little place to complile my thoughts and experiences. hope you enjoy your stay!

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digital heaven !!

sleeping and living spaces

october 21 03:12am

my sleep has been really messy recently, im not sure if its the seasons changing, or if im just de-syncing with reality. who knows! im not really one for the norms of time, waking up early is not for me, it always wrecks me regardless. but ive been drawing a lot more recently ! dusted off my tablet after who knows how long, and decided to draw my own space and im kinda really happy with it ! its a lot less messy compared to real life but no one needs to see that >:V

some more detailed explanations because the last one was a mess

october 22 07:52pm

last post on this topic was kind of messy so i wanna redo it with some more information that i looked over for some reason ?? im not sure. ANYWAY,
theres some more noticable things about having this body that are kinda strange ! the halo is hot and i mean that. i went to sit outside, and i heard a sizzling ?? i couldnt figure where it was coming from, cause it didnt smell like a bbq, plus it was raining ?
turns out, the rain was hitting the halo and causing it to make the sound. another thing about the halo is that its not visible to people ? humans i guess ?? like people cant see it, same goes with the wings. none of the new additions to my body seem to be noticable to the unassuming person, but im guessing that if the rain can cause sizzling on the halo, would it also create an outline ? same with the wings again.

compiling this list for better reading; wings and halo cannot be seen by other people, halo is extremely hot yet it doesnt affect us, theres also a weird hum that comes from it.

music ! instruments ! noise !

october 23 04:19pm

so i had a realisation this morning, music sounds so much more, alive (?) recently. i dont know if its due to this whole angel fiasco but listening to any genre feels different, like im understanding what it means and the feeling behind it a lot more. im really not sure how to describe it !