my name is edith and i am an angel living on earth. this is my little place to complile my thoughts and experiences. hope you enjoy your stay!

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first post ! what do i even write

october 18 08:12am

so uh, hello ?? i guess, im not really sure how to compile this other than let myself ramble. my name is edith, and i am someone who experienced the WINGS phenomena! im an earth-bound angel, but! that doesnt really explain much, or why im here now, does it? uhhhhhhhhhhhh im a contract programmer, i mainly work in the front-end of things and it gets the bills paid! im kinda just rambling and spewing words at my screen, ive been really foggy since what happened to me, maybe ill explain it in a later post.
but for now, thisll be it ! hello world, hello internet, and goodbye human lifestyle?? i think ??? well see !!


october 19 05:46pm

AAAAAAAAAA I HATE TRYNA WORK WITH CSS CUS NOTHING EVER LOOKS RIGHT ????????/ you think id be used to it by now, but nope ! website will be looking nice soon, just gotta give it time but im impatient

so, what was the WINGS phenomena / event?

october 20 11:03pm

so... here we go.
the wings phenomena, or the thing that turned me into an angel, or kinda like a half angel / half human ?? im really not sure. but regardless, the event had caused me to undergo a metamorphosis almost (ever read kafka?) and a lot of my physical appearence was altered, wings, halo, the whole thing. The phenomena happened 7 months ago of this post, and the wings have only just stopped making my back ache!
ever since the incident ive really not found anything relating to it, but i feel like im not the only one who experienced it.

SO! if you woke up one morning with a pain in your back and a ring over your head, hit me up ! id like to know more about what happened, and if theres anyone else out there who has experienced this! you can email me at !